• We're a non-profit

    organization working to

    build a world with

    renewable energy for all.


    Listen. Learn. Go Green. It is a nonprofit organization based in Dallas, Texas, working to build a world with renewable energy for all. Today, we work on global campaigns to support renewable energy solutions.

    Since then, we have marched across the country and around the world to raise awareness about the real effect of climate change and Global Warming in our world. We want to make a movement. The only way to build the future we want is to build power from clean and renewable sources.


    We will not just wait. We are going to lead by example for others to do the same. Climate warming is real, and we can do something about it: leave fossil fuels and commit to 100% renewable energy.

  • We're a non-profit organization working to build a world with renewable energy for all.

    Here's how all of us will get there:

    Switch to 100% Renewable Energy.

    Stop Fossil Fuel Projects.

    Stop Supporting Dirty Energy.


    Our lifestyles have a profound impact on our planet. Our choices matter. Around two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to private households. The electricity we use, the food we eat, the way we travel, and the things we buy all contribute to a person's "carbon footprint," the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with an individual's activities.



    Start with these ten actions to help tackle the climate crisis.

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    Save energy at home

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    Walk, bike, or take public transport

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    Eat more vegetables

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    Consider your travel

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    Throw away less food

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    Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle

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    Change your home's source of energy

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    Switch to an electric vehicle

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    Make your money count

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    Speak up


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    Flyer #1

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    Flyer #2


    A carbon footprint calculator offers a more accurate and convenient way to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment, helping us make better decisions when trying to offset the existing carbon footprint. It also helps us better understand our contribution to the current environmental problem and how we can reduce it. Try it out for yourself!

  • Help LISTEN.LEARN.GOGREEN. to achieve what we are fighting for.

    We believe in a safe climate and a better future for the next generation.

    Help us get there!